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Terms & Conditions

The Restrictions

No illegal or adult websites will be hosted.
No hosting of MP3 files or copyright material, unless you are the copyright owner.
No spaming of any kind this includes Email, Newsgroups and ICQ plus any other form.

The Service
Website hosting is offered on a first come, first served basis. We do not offer any backups with the budget accounts. You should always keep a full backup of your website on your local computer should you ever need to restore it for any reason.

The Costs
Your Choice Budget make no charge for monthly hosting fees for the first 12 months, after the end of your 12th month you will be advised the current rate to keep hosting with us. If you no longer want to be hosted on our service, you must let us know via the support system at http://uk.yourchoicebudget.com/support.html and we will terminate your website hosting at no cost to you.

We can offer many additional services that do not come with your standard free hosting account. If you are looking for something extra, please contact us for a quote using the support system at http://uk.yourchoicebudget.com/support.html

All clients acknowledge the start-up fee is non-refundable.

If you upgrade to a pay monthly package at any time you will not be charged the standard set-up fee.

Use of the Service
You may not make use of the service to break any local, state or federal laws. You agree that Your Choice Budget may remove any information that it finds or is reported to be unlawful. You also understand that Your Choice Budget may terminate your account if it feels that your information is unlawful. You may not in anyway send unsolicited bulk e-mail, spam posts to newsgroups in way that breaks the rules of that group. If any spam is traced back to our network, your website or you. By spaming you will automatically terminate your service with Your Choice Budget. You may also not display content from your website promoting SPAM, bulk email or illegal websites plus illegal activities or link to sites like this from your own website. Adult websites are not permitted to use this service.

Availability of the Service
Your Choice Budget will do everything in it's power to maintain availability of your website, however a certain amount of down time can be expected due to many reasons that range from hardware problems to regional internet outages for that reason the service may not be available to you at all times. If you can not reach your website, you should contact Support at http://uk.yourchoicebudget.com/support.html. We us the website monitoring services of sister company Website Availability to check all our main web hosting servers every 5 mins, this means we check your site, so we know when it is down within 5 mins of this happening. We always work hard to make sure the down time is kept to a minimum.

The agreement and the service may change from time to time, changes will be posted on this website. You have 14 days before you will be bound by any new terms.

Both Your Choice Budget and you as a customer have the right to terminate the service at any time by providing written notice, customer need to submit notice using the support system at http://uk.yourchoicebudget.com/support.html, you need only give 48 hours notice. We reserve the right to terminate immediately the service at anytime without notice, for illegal or sites over using server resources that is having a negative effect on the server and other websites hosted on it.

Legal Action
Your Choice Budget cannot be held liable for any content posted by clients, or any damages you, your business or any other entity suffer as a result of your website, downtime or termination of your account. Any legal action must be taken in the city of Glasgow, in the country of the United Kingdom. The costs of any legal action by any 3rd party will be passed on to you.

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