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Here we hope to answer your questions, however if you would like an answer to a question not listed here, please contact support for help.

What's your Policy on Spam?
Our Policy is zero spam allowed, if you send spam email or spam newsgroups with adverts for your site or email address that you using with the site, we will shut you down without warning, so DON'T DO IT.
How quickly will I get set-up?
We will set you up on the system in around 48 hours after your payment has cleared, as we are doing that you should update your domain name with our DNS details.
What is the DNS for Your Choice Budget?
Our DNS is as follows:
I have a .uk domain, do I need to transfer my domain names IPSTAG to you to use this service?
No, as long as you can get the DNS information updated you don't need to transfer the IPSTAG, however most domain and hosting companies insist you move your domain to our TAG in that case, to change your IPSTAG contact the company that you have bought the domain name from and ask them to change it to our IPSTAG with Nominet, this is "BRITISHNIC".
If I change my IPSTAG to you (UK domain names only), how much will renewals cost me?
Before your domain name comes up for renewal, we will contact you by email. Renewals are charged at just 15.00 for 2 years.
I don't have my own domain name yet, where can I get one?
You need your own domain name to use with this service, you can get one at British NIC and they cost just 15.00 for 2 years.
Is ordering online with you safe
Yes very safe, we have our own secure server for placing your order.
How do I know, I well get a good service?
We run all our own servers, all our staff that answer your questions via our online support system have expert, hands on knowledge of our system, each one using it on a daily basis. The system has been developed by our own programmers, so we can make updates and changes to it any time we need to.
What happens when people send me an email to my domain name?
This will be sent to any email address of your choice, for example this could be your ISP email address or a Hotmail account. You have 1 Pop3 account that you can use for all your mail but you also have the option of used the email alias system to re-direct up to 10 email address at your domain to any location you like.
How many email addresses do I get per account?
You get unlimited email addresses at your domain, pointing to 1 POP3 account of your choice, you can update this as often as you like. It's called a "catch-all" email address, this like it sounds will catch all email address you have not already set-up to point to another location.
What if I need help using my hosting or if there is a problem?
If you need help you simply submit a support request using our support system, you will normally get a reply within 24 hours. In extreme cases or when we have to verify a specific technical issue you may have wait a little longer but our goal is always to try an reply no later then 24 hours later.
How do I contact you?
You can contact us using the support form that can be found here, we will reply within 24 hours. Our postal address is:

UK Internet Sites Ltd.
Dept. Your Choice Budget
Olympic House, 142 Queen Street,
Glasgow, G1 3BU,
United Kingdom.

Our parent company that runs this and other sites is UK Internet Sites Ltd. you can view that website here, please remember we don't offer telephone support for this product and you must use the online support system found here, thanks.

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